Literally, Actually

Just wanted to share a story that highlights the fact that I take things a little too literally. I consider it food for thought for myself and any other rule-followers out there. The title of this post is an homage to my lovely English friend, Laura, who has a tendency to say 'literally, actually" before any statement. Example: "Gigi Hadid is literally, actually SO hot." (this is literally, actually so true.)

Ok, back to the tale. Yesterday, I went to a taping of an episode of the new talk show "The Fablife," which is hosted by smize Goddess Tyra Banks and "what's up chicken butt" model and insta-sensation Chrissy Teigen. I was a paid audience member (woo makin' that gas $!) and will not be appearing as a celeb guest just yet…I'm saving that for my second week "actor life in LA" goal. 

When they notified me of the taping, I had to call a hotline to get the details of where to go, what to wear, confirm my call time etc. The hotline gave VERY specific instructions: 

  • Dress business casual and wear bright, solid colors
  • No open-toed shoes
  • No headresses/wraps
  • No patterned clothing
  • No purses or bags
  • No phones 
  • No reading materials
  • No denim

It also had a stern message about how violating any of these rules would likely get you kicked out of the taping. I take stern messages seriously....

I showed up wearing a solid blue business casual dress and left my phone, purse, make-up, and computer in my car. I almost left my car keys tucked on top of the front wheel, so that I would not be bringing too much in with me. I used one hand to carry my license and ticket for the parking garage, and the other for frantically eating an apple/holding a napkin and my lipstick for emergency touch-ups. I had to use my teeth to hold the release they made me sign. 

I get there…and other women are wearing jeans, bright crazy floral patterns, headbands, have giant purses and books, and iPads and Kindles and food. One lady brought a box of pastries?!?! I mean...rules are RULES, people! Amirite? Except, apparently not. It was totally fine. They got in. They got the same $40 I got. But they got to read/insta/text/wear their floral headbands in peace while doing it. 

This experience leads me to question my ways. In the immortal words of The Joker...."Why so serious?" Sometimes, I am genuinely nervous about my affinity for following instructions and what that says about my long-term success. I know it's a silly story, but I do think this experience highlights my need to push past the boundaries more, and not to accept the first no I get as the be-all end-all answer. I am challenging myself this week to apply for jobs which I don't think I meet all the stipulated qualifications for, and to push myself to put myself out there even when I don't think "I'm ready." I WILL WEAR MY OPEN-TOED SHOES, DAMNIT! 

P.S. I blame my primary school where we had to sing "Rules, Glorious, Rules" to the tune of "Food, Glorious, Food" from Oliver Twist...more on that later.