The Most Rational "Irrational" Decision

Welcome to my corner of the interweb! Like so many of the great millennials that have come before me, I have officially decided that my thoughts, opinions and endeavors are worthwhile and entertaining enough to be written down and displayed online for all to see (insert joke about how only my mom will read this here.) Plus, because the world is weird, having a "personal brand" and being obnoxiously in your face with it may actually help my career (say what?!!)

 I figure that this is the time and place to announce that I have officially entered the world of Acting/Comedien-ing/Waitressing/Dog-sitting/Web-series-ing/Crying uncontrollably!!

Pondering life at graduation in May 2014....I'm still pondering (mainly about the whereabouts of those earrings...I really liked them). 

That's right folks, I have quit my 9-6:30 desk job at an innovative, growing start-up that provided me with a beer tap, free lunches and too much one on one time with my computer in order to have more flexibility in my schedule to pursue the (im)possible dream!

Don't get me wrong, I am enormously grateful for all that I learned there, and the knowledge I gained will serve me well for life. But, I was getting comfortable and complacent....which does not bode well to the pursuit of the hustle (thanks for the slogan, Vitamin Water...) So, it was off with me into the invigorating and scary unknown! 

Rather than spend the next few paragraphs justifying my decision to you so I can feel better about myself, I have decided to share with you this comforting tidbit that one of my bosses said to me on my last day: 

"Leaving us is the most rational "irrational" decision you could have made. Most people, will look at what you're doing and think it's completely crazy. But, I really believe it's the only decision you can make right now. You know what you want, and are taking the steps you need to in order to achieve those goals. You absolutely can't be giving 50% of yourself to that and 50% of yourself here. Then nobody wins." 

Those words have stuck with me. They're not quite as profound or uplifting as a Paolo Coelho novel, but they are extremely valuable to me as I embark on this journey. They remind me that I have made this choice with purpose and deliberation. They also remind me that I have made this choice with my heart -- a daunting place that denies logic and reason but somehow points you in the right direction with every tickle in your bones and lurch in your gut. It makes me think...maybe rational and irrational are not actually opposites or enemies but the new Yin and Yang, Yoko and John, Cory and Topanga? I can't be sure yet, but I hope I keep these words in mind and refer to them again when I need a little rejuvenation! And who knows? Maybe you'll find them helpful during your next "life-panic" too. 

Let's raise a glass to rational "irrational" decisions!! Thank you to all of my beautiful family and friends for your unwavering support. Thank you also, to my #haterz for keeping your judgment exclusively "behind my back," as I don't think I'd have the courage or poise to confront ya "Nicki Minaj at the VMA's style" juuust yet.

P.S: I promise the next post will be a "listicle" because they are short and people love them...and I am in the business of giving the people what they want, dahling! 

Please enjoy this totally candid photo of me.